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At this point, we AKS Academy takes immense pride in appreciating all the 300 participants from 25 different schools, because we strongly believe that only by Participating in competitions we will gain confidence of overcoming the fear we have towards a subject. Find below both Question paper and Answer Key for your self evaluation. Grade […]

Free Online GST Awareness Program

Free Online GST Awareness Program

Department of Commerce (CA) of Sona College of Arts and Science in association with AKS Academy, Salem is organising a GST Professional Certificate Course from 16th August 2020. The course is designed in such a way that after successful completion of the course the students would be able to help small traders and industries to work out their GST and timely submission tax return to avail the benefit of tax credit mechanism. This also aids them as a training to clear the GST practitioner exam. In this regard, we are happy to organise a free online awareness Programme on GST Professional Certificate Course and GST Practitioner Exam for the same.